Tubbs Flex ALP 24 Snowshoes


The backcountry-ready Tubbs Flex ALP 24 snowshoes have aggressive traction, tough construction and a flexible tail to promote comfort and natural movement.

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Tubbs Flex ALP 24 Snowshoes


  • Used, very good
  •  FLEX Tail™ design features a flexible tail that absorbs impact and allows the foot to roll naturally from heel to toe for a more natural stride
  •  Torsion Deck design allows articulation throughout the length of the snowshoe, improving traction and comfort on uneven terrain; compact shape enhances maneuverability
  •  ActiveFLEX™ bindings provide a secure, comfortable fit across a variety of boots; ControlWings™ align and center heels for stability
  •  Aggressive Viper 2.0 carbon steel toe crampons bite deep for excellent traction
  •  Micro-serrated contoured traction rails and 2 additional tail traction elements supply excellent grip on traverses across hardpacked or icy snow
  •  Heel lifts reduce calf fatigue and make extended climbs easier and more efficient
  •  Tubbs Flex ALP 24 snowshoes adjust to fit men’s hiking or technical climbing boots up to U.S. size 13
  •  Recommended load specification includes weight of hiker with gear


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